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Christian Angerer has worked in the area of response-oriented advertising alongside conventional marketing since 1990.


German Dialog Marketing Award
Gold for World Vision (Reise nach Jerusalem)*
Special Awards for World Vision (Der letzte Tag)*
Gold for Egmont Franz Schneider Verlag (Publishers)*
Silver for IDG (PC-WELT)*
Award for IDG (PC-WELT)*
John Caples International Award
Award for PC-Welt*
FEDMA Best of Europe
Bronze for Egmont Franz Schneider Verlag*
Award for IDG (PC-WELT)*
Award for LBS*
n-tv DRTV Award
World Vision*
Bronze for BMG “Polt“
Award for Kanzenel & Beisenherz
Award for Zotz Bäder
Bronze for B2 Geschenk des Himmels
Mailing competition of Deutsche Post
Winner in the category "Standard" Audi TT Quattro 3.2**

*with Graffiti **with Gingco